50 Years of LLYC Publications


My daughter loves Laity Lodge Youth Camp. The door tag on her bedroom door says, “Dreaming of LLYC.” She has hung LLYC posters in her room for many years. She still has the LLYC 2015 Rooted Journal on top of her bookshelf under her pink camo camp Bible.


When LLYC first met with communications this spring to talk about refreshing their print materials, we didn’t quite realize what we were getting into. More than a dozen books later, we look forward to seeing how counselors and campers react to the new look and feel of LLYC publications.

2016 delivery

Of course, we are just one small moment in a long history of print design for LLYC, some of it quite beautiful. Let’s take a stroll through these photos of LLYC materials from the archives where Dan Roloff and Ben Gorman are working hard to preserve our history. It is humbling to see the work of so many decades, representing so many kids who may have kept journals or brochures tucked on top of their camp Bibles.

The first LLYC brochures were part of the Summer Institute of Lay Studies at Laity Lodge. Parents of Lodge guests were invited to bring their kids along. Camp for the kids only cost an extra $30 per week.


Less than ten years later, LLYC had its own marketing materials for recruiting campers and staff.


The 1980s brought a square recruiting journal, bubble letter fonts, a cool 1980s blue color pallet, and the new camp slogan “WE CARE.”


Twenty years after the first summer, Dan Roloff helped LLYC develop its first staff manual. In the introduction, Howard Butt, Jr. wrote, “What you have now is a sort of first draft. We are excited about it; getting some of our strategies down on paper is a real step forward. It will be revised, updated, and corrected as we go along.”


By the 1990s, a new voice begins to appear in the marketing and recruiting materials. David Rogers joined the marketing and recruiting efforts with a letter inviting people to the “Laity Lodge Youth Camp Film Extravaganza.”


Materials for the seasonal staff continued to be revised and updated with plastic comb binding.


The plastic comb binding continued through 2000s with simple desktop publishing on astrobright paper. For the first time on record, LLYC expanded its publications beyond marketing and staff manuals to serve campers with their first post-camp Walk On daily devotional.


Plastic comb binding held staff manuals together as late as 2013.


This year, LLYC and LLFC invited Communications to help them print new staff manuals, journals, and a dozen other booklets for Summer 2016.


Distinct playbooks for Echo Valley and Singing Hills guide staff through the ins and outs of camp life and activities, so the campers experience the smoothest possible best two weeks.


Campers will also be able to purchase newly design personal journals filled with blank pages waiting for all of their creative thoughts and doodles.


Personally, I can’t wait for my daughter to receive the new Rooted Journal based on the Ponder curriculum developed by Michelle Travis and adapted for LLYC by Karla Heath.


What a rush these last few weeks have been! Working closely with LLYC staff, we have discovered a new respect for the processes they have honored throughout the years. We hope they are proud of the newly designed publications, and look forward to hearing how they hold up in the rough and crazy environment of the Canyon.

But to paraphrase Howard Butt, Jr., this new design is still a sort of first draft. We are excited about it, even as we know it will be revised, updated, and corrected as we go along.