All the Little Things


Behind every one of our HEBFF Communications projects is a Project Owner, our department’s term for the HEBFF employee who is our client: the person who will eventually approve our work, and often the person who will champion our work in front of their program or team.

One of the joys of working for HEBFF Communications is receiving ongoing insights into the small, meaningful ways these Project Owners communicate Quality to our constituents.

This morning I was working with Laity Lodge’s Gate Davis to design custom bookplates—one that will go inside the front covers of books the Lodge gives as gifts, and another to accompany the Lodge-owned books that retreatants will encounter in the library, guest rooms, and the Cody Center. It’s a thoughtful gesture that meets a real foundation objective (prevent books from just walking off) and simultaneously conveys care, hospitality, and quality.

A few minutes ago Gate wrote me with feedback on my original design (shown at top). He reminded me of a photo I sent him a few years ago showing a woodcut of an oak tree that the Lodge used in decades past, and wondered if resurrecting the art element might be appropriate. This is the kind of Project Owner-Designer dialogue that really excites me: we’re both respecting each other’s strengths while working to arrive at a design that works. I’ll let you know how they turn out.