Box Canyon for What Ails You


A pal of mine texted me the other day. She’s a photographer who lives in San Francisco, and she visited my wife and I a few months back.

“Can you send me the link to those beautiful videos you showed me while I was there?” She was talking about the Box Canyon videos directed by Nathan Clarke and produced by Gate Davis and Steven Purcell at Laity Lodge.

I gave her the link, and then we started chatting about how things were going. Turns out she had been mugged recently. It’s not the first time. She lives in one of Northern California’s most distressed communities, and she’s been accosted, threatened, robbed on a few occasions.

She was pretty shaken by this most recent experience. She wanted to steel herself. She wanted to steady her mind. She wanted to take in something beautiful.

I’m grateful that in Box Canyon, we have just the thing she needed.