Creating an Integrated Brand, Part 1


When we started the comprehensive rebrand of HEBFF a few years ago, one of the shared concerns was how to bring a level of design continuity to such disparate brands. One obvious way we see in motion every day is the family of marks that comprise our logo system:


But there are other consistencies that serve us well. Words. Pictures. Type. Color.

Take a thirty thousand foot look at some of the representative spreads in the recently updated Seasons Brochure below, and you can see how adhering to a consistent layout (program logo on the top right, grid of cool photos on the left, a few well-written paragraphs below the logo, brief call-to-action) can visually bring disparate programs together:



But look at any one specific spread, the photography and words themselves transport you. You’re just looking at Quiet House. Now, you’re just looking at youth camp. Now, you’re looking at HEBFF Outdoor. The photos draw you inside their frames—you could say the structure, the design itself is mostly invisible. You’re no longer looking at the decoration on the outside of the photos, but instead you’re drawn to the content itself.

Over the weeks and months that follow, we’ll continue posting about our work in shaping HEBFF into an integrated brand that pulls together all the foundation programs while letting them retain their own culture and ethos.