Family Camp’s new (online) look


By hook or crook,* Laity Lodge Family Camp has a new website. Check it out.

The goals for this rebuildbased on conversations with Cary Hendricks and Kate Batchelorwere pretty simple, yet not all that easy to execute. Primarily, we sought to take all the information on multiple pages on their previous site and merge it onto one page. This meant making a lot of decisions about what really belonged and what didn’t, as well as replicating and revising the accordion-like FAQ used on the HEBFF Outdoor site.

But it also meant building a new feature: “See Our Rooms,” which we hope answers a lot of the questions about accommodations guests could previously ask only by clicking aroundor, more likely, calling Kate. This should make it easier for families to prepare, to pack just what they need for their rooms, and to imagine their way into their retreat or camp.

The site also has a series of basic features all the new Foundation websites will have: mobile-responsiveness, easy-to-generate maps, a prompt for donations, a prompt to apply as staff, and a revised sizzle video.

Which brings me to that asterisk: *We learned a lot in building this site. We learned a lot about what to do differently as we build more sites. Our Foundation websites have more moving parts and layers of complexity than first meets the eye. We’re grateful for the chance to learn what we need to learn and better serve our guests and fellow team members. Hopefully the gains will be clear as we refresh the other websitesstarting with Foundation Camp, which you will be seeing soon!