How to Achieve LLYC Fame


One of my most favorite parts of this internship so far has been the opportunity to work on video projects. My video career began at LLYC during summer 2013. I think video editing and filming is one way I experience flow. I love the way video allows me to go capture and hunt for well-composed clips, review them, and then edit the good ones together in a way that can make others feel something they can’t explain.

While I was with Nate Clarke in Richmond, Virginia, we came up with the idea to create an Ultimate 50 Year Session Video. If you are unfamiliar, it is an LLYC tradition on the last night to debut the session video that the media team has worked on over the course of the best two weeks. Seeing yourself in the session video is a big deal. Everyone in a cabin cheers when they see a cabinmate’s face grace the large projector screen. Before we know it, the concrete path to the Sugar Shack will be an Echo Valley Walk of Fame! I digress.

The Ultimate Session Video pulled from our archive of footage spanning from 1976 to today. The key element was finding people who had influenced LLYC. The LLYC all stars, if you will. Those who would actually watch this video and experience the thrill of seeing themselves in it.

Now, imagine how I felt sitting down with hours upon hours of footage from film scans, VHS scans, DVD scans, and digital files. The answer? I was thrilled. I had such a fun time putting this together, and seeing the positive response was simply icing on the cake. The video was shared on Facebook 116 times, reaching over 25,000 people. The most meaningful metric, however, was qualitative: reading what people said as they reposted the video.

For example:

“I was honestly awestruck as I watched the last 50 years play out in this video. Familiar faces continuously flashed across the screen — my friends & my campers, myself & my PARENTS, & the countless staff members who made lasting impacts on my life. And to think that every person in this video (+ countless others!) was there for the sole purpose of spreading the love of Jesus Christ… can you even imagine the number of lives the Lord has changed through this one place?!! What an incredible, deep, and vibrant history Laity Lodge Youth Camp has!!! I am so lucky to be even the tiniest part of it!” – Morgan Vandever

Watch the video below and see if you recognize a few familiar faces! Maybe even a certain CEO getting pied in the face? Cough, cough: David Rogers at 2:17.

Oh, and while you’re at it, send me a thanks for making sure that Nate Clarke didn’t make THIS the background song of the video. Was he kidding or serious? I’ll let you decide.