How to Send a Constant Contact Email in 10 Easy Steps


Don’t let that headline scare you. Yes, there are at least 10 steps required for every email HEBFF sends, but only three of these steps are yours to complete. We handle the rest.

Communications assists all HEBFF programs with their emails, from monthly newsletters to weekly summer-session updates to one-off requests based on timely needs. In 2015, HEBFF sent 631 emails, and we’re on pace to beat that number in 2016.

For every email, here is the process we follow. Please note the ones that apply to you so we can make sure to send your emails on time, every time, in perfect shape.

  1. You: Send your contact to Morgan. Make sure to include all of the following:
    • email body (all the content)
    • subject line
    • intended audience
    • time and date you’d like it to be sent
  2. We: Load the email into a template and create relevant art (a photo and/or a logo).
  3. We: Send a test email to the person who requested the email.
  4. You: Send us any necessary feedback.
  5. We: Make your changes.
  6. We: Proofread the email (usually with the steady eye of Dayna DeLaVergne).
  7. We: Enter all proofreading edits (and there are always edits!).
  8. We: Send the final to the person who requested the email.
  9. You: Sign off on the final AND send me the final list of people to whom the email will be sent. (This only applies in special situations where the list cannot be known until the day before we send.)
  10. We: Upload the list into our email software and/or schedule the email to be sent.

That’s the process we follow. We try to respond quickly to every request, and we are happy to help you reach your audience. Let us know if you have any questions—and know that we’re always open to your suggestions and ideas.