It’s Time for New Colors!


When we first adopted our three color palettes in 2014, we planned to change the tertiary palette every two or so years. It’s been two years, so out with the old muted tertiary palette and in with something new.

This means Morgan and I sat down at Geekdom with a designer friend and a thick Pantone Book of colors, the bible of colors used by designer geeks everywhere.

We already had a cheery red that we’d used on a few projects earlier this year that we wanted to keep. Beyond that, we knew that we wanted bold, deep colors, nothing muted, but nothing as vibrant as the secondary palette. None of the current palettes include yellow, so that was first. Then we added a bright pink similar to a Crepe Myrtle tree, substituting it for Wild Strawberry in the secondary palette, and a jewel-toned green and purple.

With four colors already selected, we leaned into the idea of a jewel-tone palette, adding a coppery orange color and adjusting our yellow to something more golden, less childish and neon. Finally, a neutral brown balanced out the rest of the jewel-toned palette.

When we looked at how our new palette fit with the rest, Sunset Red from the secondary palette was too similar to our new jewel-tone red.

“What about a deep red?” Morgan and I wondered. “Maybe a ruby or a garnet color?”

The original red in the muted palette, Velvet Brick, fit perfectly into the new palette, so it became Garnet. Our jewel tone red was so beautiful that we named it Indian Paintbrush and used it to replace Sunset Red from the secondary palette. (In our design projects, we have discovered that Sunset Red is generally too pink.)

Just like that, we had a new color palette filled with beautiful jewel tones, and an updated secondary palette with a new red and pink. Find the 2016 Color Palette here. The updated palette will soon be added to the brand book.

Introducing our new palette:

And our updated secondary palette: