LLYC Rewind Cards


This summer LLYC sent Singing Hills campers home with a brand new card game. LLYC Rewind is a trivia card game designed to help parents talk with kids about camp.

The idea hatched after Beck Marlar and the Communications team designed a post-camp devotional booklet for campers. Although we had been inspired by LLFC’s “Story” curriculum, the LLYC version just felt too much like homework.

So Beck drove to San Antonio and met with the Comms team at Geekdom. He explained that the booklet just wasn’t fun enough. It needed to feel more like a game. Within 15 minutes, we came up with a very rough draft idea on making a card game for all Singing Hills campers!

The project was even more complicated than we expected. Building the cards out was relatively simple. Several of the bonus questions had to be edited very carefully so as not to lose their fun card-game-bonus quality. But slowly the entire deck game came together, completed, and ready to be played.

We sent the files off to the printer and started tossing around ideas for containers. We considered plastic bags, paper removable strips, even LLYC branded rubber bands, but the most practical answer was a clear, plastic box that would allow the game to be played over and over again. It took a bit of searching to find plastic boxes just the right size—our card game was not a standard-sized deck—but when we tested the box out, the deck looked great. The clear plastic allowed the beautiful card design to peek through.

While finding plastic boxes just the right size and not too expensive was difficult, the biggest hurdle was yet to come. Due to printing costs, we had to sort all the cards into decks ourselves.

“We’ll just do it ourselves one afternoon,” we said. “We’ll have a card sorting party.”

It scared us a little bit when the printer loaded 108 boxes into Paul’s car, but we powered through. We spent the next morning transporting boxes from the car trunk to the meeting room table, setting up all 108 decks around the table, then bumbling around each other while we figured out the quickest way to sort them into the tiny plastic cases. It took a bit of effort from the team to become a well-oiled machine, and even then, it still took us several hours to package enough boxes to send to LLYC for first session.

That first day, we only produced about 200 full decks of cards. Over the summer, the team has been slowly but surely sorting the other 800 decks. We also developed some faster processes along the way.

With help from our summer intern, we kept ahead of the camp sessions, and we’re on the home stretch to sort decks of cards for the 50th Anniversary event in October.

The project was more time-consuming than we expected, but we have heard that campers love the card game. And that makes everything worth it!

Marcus even got to play the game with the Singing Hills Program Crew toward the end of first session where he took a few quick photos on his phone.