Sneak Peek: Camp Office Map & Message Board


If you’ve been paying attention to, you’ve no doubt noticed that 2016 has been an ambitious year for signage in the Canyon. We’ve been working across the Foundation with subject matter experts: Chris Ray, as we’ve mentioned before, has been instrumental in working alongside James Salter Craftsman to turn our designs into physical reality. Bryan Kennedy has had the painstaking job of hand-painting the lettering on each sign. Still others—such as Maintenance Specialist Jeff Wilson—have worked hard to install the signs.

Many of these can be designed quickly, then approved, manufactured, and delivered on-site in under two weeks.

Still other sign projects require committee meetings, legal and executive review, or complex planning meetings. Such has been the case of the Camp Office Map and Message Board. We had originally hoped for this sign to go up during the summer, but various delays have conspired to render this a slower project.

The routing is complete, and we hear the sign is being painted now.

We’ll update you with another post when the sign goes live.