Where Staff Meetings Happen on Stand Up Paddle Boards


I was terrified when LLYC Echo Valley Director Karla Heath said in a very serious tone, “Peyton … I need to talk to you about something, but it’s going to take awhile so let me know when you’re available today.”

What could it be, I wondered. Is she going to scold me for taking too many Kit Kats from the Sugar Shack? Do I have to embarrass myself in front of the whole camp at Roundup? Am I being fired?!

I sat down with her on a bench in Echo Valley, and she pitched the H. E. Butt Family Foundation’s Media and Communications intern position. One week later, I left camp, swapped my shorts and T-shirt for business casual, and drove to meet Marcus and Patton at Local Coffee in Alamo Heights for an interview. The rest, as they say, is history.

I am the first year-long Media and Communications intern the Foundation has had, and I am loving it. Over the past two weeks I have assisted in a photoshoot, created videos, and spent time in the HEBFF Archives puzzling together different photographs from Howard Butt Jr.’s life for the Communications team to use in future publications.

So far I have learned both practical and necessary communication skills, but more importantly, I have been learning how to bring glory to God in an office environment. With this frame of mind, every task, email, or chat from a team member takes on a new meaning. I am fortunate that my first post-grad job is with a strong community of believers dedicated to making excellent and meaningful work.

I look forward to learning and growing in both my work and faith. Last year I was overwhelmed trying to find a job until, right after I quit worrying, this internship landed in my lap. It is perfectly tailored to me, right down to the all staff meetings that include activities like zip-lining, coffee brewing, or in my case, attempting stand up paddle board.