We Love Our Preferred Vendors


To paraphrase an old Africa proverb, it takes a village to produce good stuff for HEBFF programs. Our village includes all of the programs, of course, but also many outside vendors. Our preferred vendors are an essential part of every communication effort.

What is a preferred vendor? Right now, we work with a handful of companies to make our T-shirts, print booklets, and even make card games. In some ways, this is just a more specific way of talking about the companies like Herring Printing, Capital Spectrum, and Hole in the Roof who have served us for many years.

These three companies (and a few others we are testing) have agreed to help us be more consistent with our branding. They help us check fonts and colors and even program names—to make sure no one accidentally prints a book about the H.E.B. Foundation or creates T-shirts that promote H.E.B. Camps.

The next time you work with one of these awesome folks, will you let them know how much we appreciate their efforts?

In the meantime, enjoy a few shots of a few preferred vendors who help us print books, letterhead, shirts, and more.

Joe Herring and his staff outside of Herring Printing in downtown Kerrville and a beautiful shot of Herring Printing on the Guadalupe River:



Hole in the Roof celebrates with the local community in the parking lot of their Waco-based shop: