Websites Underway: Foundation Camps and Family Camp


Over the next year, we’re hoping to refresh all of the HEBFF program websites. We started with HEBFF Outdoor because they did not yet have a standalone site. This summer, we’re focused on Foundation Camps and Laity Lodge Family Camp.

We enjoy web work for a host of reasons, but chiefly these two:

  1. Building program websites puts us face-to-face with colleagues we do not normally see outside of Foundation-wide gatherings. This week, we spent part of an afternoon in the canyon barn with John Kerr, Sam Rylander, and Ann Jack. Earlier this month, Paul and I had a long morning with Cary Hendricks and Kate Bachelor. We relish these times with colleagues whose work we usually hear about from a distance.
  2. Building program websites requires us to start learning from scratch. To get the website right, we have to understand a program’s mission, its audience(s), its history, and where it wants to go in the future. Every time we meet with a program about their website, we get an education in the heart of their mission.

Communications has developed a roadmap to follow for each website we’re building. It’s fairly simple, but it helps us stay the course amidst each build. Websites can be notoriously complex; they involve a ton of moving parts even before you get to something as complicated as a camp registration system. So we’ve tried to simplify the path for ourselves by outlining it like so:

HEBFF Communications Simple 5-Step Process for Rebuilding Websites

  1. Meet with client (i.e., whomever we’re building the site for)

    • develop sitemap / rough overview
    • followup with client
  2. Design rough wireframe (like the one shown above)
  3. Build working prototype
  4. Alpha review with client
    • receive and implement feedback
  5. Final review with client
    • upon review, make live and redirect URLs

Obviously each of these 5 steps involve a ton of work and many little steps (and some big ones). But that’s the basic path we’ll follow as we build new sites for every program in the months ahead.